Madbull Gemtech G5 Silencer + Flash Hider CCW - Tan

by Madbull
SKU 3695
  • Madbull have accurately reproduced this great looking silencer, with real steel markings.
  • Sports a beautifully finished silky smooth powdercoated coating, which looks and feels great.
  • On the outside you will also find genuine Gemtech .556 markings, stamped in white.
  • 180mm long and 40mm wide, with a hefty 210g weight.
  • Comes with a counter-clockwise 14mm thread flash hider.
  • The flash hider must be screwed onto replica first as the suppressor attaches onto the included flash hider.
  • Aluminium construction and top build quality as you would expect from Madbull.
  • Tan suppressor, black flash hider.

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