Vapex 7.4v 850mAh 30C LIPO Battery - Small Stick (Tamiya Connector)

by Vapex
  • An exceptionally high quality lithium-polymer battery pack. 
  • These tiny 850mAh batteries may not be the highest amperage available, but they are certainly amongst the smallest at only 75 x 26 x 14mm. 
  • Sports a high continuous discharge rate of 30C.
  • Perfect for sliding into stock tubes or any other compact space.
  • These battery packs are far superior to many competing brands, especially those low-cost types sourced directly from Far-Eastern retailers.
  • Fitted with a standard small female Tamiya connector.
  • Requires the use of a Li-Po charger.
  • Comes bundled in a hard plastic case for storage.
  •  20awg wiring for lower resistance.
  • Vapex Code: LP007BT
Li-Po/Li-Fe battery warning: Always charge your Li-Po/Li-Fe battery in a fireproof bag. Charge your Li-Po/Li-Fe  battery on a hard, solid surface and away from other electronic devices. Only use a Li-Po/Li-Fe  battery charger and never leave a battery unattended, even in another room.

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