KTW Winchester M1873 Carbine - Spring

by KTW
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  • New for 2018, the latest batch of KTW Winchesters now sport a jet black colour with a blued hue.
  • Fantastic fun to shoot, this is an exact replica of the famous Winchester 1873 lever action rifle.
  • A mixture of high quality plastics and metals, with a realistic imitation wood finish. Comes in at over 2kg in weight.
  • The entire outer barrel is full metal, as is the lever action handle, rear sight, sling mounts, butt plate, trigger and hammer
  • Spring powered so no  batteries or gas required.
  • The rifle is magazine fed, which come in the shape of long cylinders and make up the lower barrel tube. Two of these cylindrical magazines are included and each hold 30 BBs.
  • Insert a loaded magazine and work the lever action fowards and then backwards to prime the piston and cock the hammer. Pulling the trigger fires a single BB at a time.
  • Cycling the fire action opens the top cover momentarily (needs to be manually closed)
  • Adjustable hop-up gives superior accuracy over range.
  • Adjustable rear sight.
  • Metal sling attachment points.
  • Shoots at approx 290fps and is very accurate; perfect for competition shooting amongst friends.
  • Real wood kit available on our store (€99.99), along with scope mount (€24.99).
  • If you purchase the rifle and real wood kit together, we'll install it for free and save you €20! The original plastic pieces will still be included. Please leave a note at checkout asking for it to be installed if you would like for us to do so.

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