Ternisoftair V2.0 MK-ZERO NGRS Mosfet - Rear Wired

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  • This is the latest V2.0.0 batch of revised Ternis boards. Changes include:
  • - Brand new trigger switch
  • - Improved geometry of the board for better fitment and improved connection with the sector gear
  • - Deans connector
  • - All boards individually tested
  • - New packaging
  • The brand new MKZero mosfet for Marui M4 / 416 / 417 / Scar L / SCAR H/ CQBR  Next Gen. Recoil AEGs.
  • Up until now, the BTC system has been the only electronic trigger system available for the Recoil Shock series of AEGs.
  • The BTC uses the PIC system which it is a family of integrated circuits, a semi-conductor with a micro-controller function.
  • Ternisoftair's new MK-Zero product is an AVR system which is a family of RISC microcontrollers with Harvard architecture.
  • – The system has been around for a long time (1975)
  • – AVR is a current system
  • – The speed and capacity of the internal memory is much higher than the BTC
  • – The communication system with the board and the other components is different
  • Product Details:
  • Digital fuse
  • Current cut off
  • Battery settings (LiPo, LiFe)
  • Full Gears Cycle
  • Selectable Rate Of Fire
  • Precocking
  • Burst up to 10 rounds on semi or / and  full auto fire selector positions
  • Ramping (when burst activated)
  • Active Motor Break
  • Factory Settings Reset
  • Unit is programmed using trigger pulls and  fire selector positions
  • Bare wires supplied, tamiya connector included. 
  • Installation notes:
  • Anti reversal latch should be left installed
  • The red power cable and red signal cable need to be soldered together, either at the very end by the battery connector, or where both cables leave the gearbox inside the lower receiver.
  • Remove the cut-off lever and spring entirely. Use the cut-off lever screw to attach the MK Zero board to the gearbox. No screw is required where the board sits over the old cut-off lever screw hole.
  • Remove the selector plate prior to board installation to eliminate the risk of damage to the selector plate activation switch.
  • The wiring is supplied with bare ends. You can attach the included small Tamiya connector or solder on a Deans connector.
  • These boards do not have polarity protection. Do NOT do any kind of temporary battery hook-ups to test functionality before assembling. ANY kind of incorrect polarity connection will result in instant failure.
  • Fully assemble the rifle and attach a battery connector before use.
  • This is the rear wired model. 

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