Maple Leaf Hot Shot Hop Up Rubber 60 Degree - AEG With GBB Inner Barrel

SKU 30111
  • The Maple Leaf Hot Shot Hop Up Rubber (Crazy Jet). Works exclusively with the Crazy Jet inner barrel systems from Maple Leaf. A very unique bucking.
  • This bucking is designed to adapt the maple leaf crazy jet barrels, which are considered VSR/GBB cut barrels to be used in AEG hop-up systems.
  • While AEG buckings typically require "windowed" or "bridged" barrels, the Maple Leaf Hot Shot series slide onto "open cut/bridgeless" barrels just as a VSR style bucking would, but with the appropriate outer diameter to accommodate AEG Hop-up chambers.
  • The bucking is best used in conjunction with the Omega Hop-up Tensioner , and Crazy Jet Barrel to really maximize your range and rein in that left and right shot deviation!
  • You can use this bucking with your AEG gun and a Crazy Jet Barrel.
  • Regular AEG buckings will not work with the Crazy Jet barrel.
  • Not for use with regular AEG barrels.

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