Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Double O-Ring Ball Bearing Piston Head

SKU MX-PIS001PHS/34071
  • This single piece CNC cut piston head is constructed from an extremely lightweight, yet durable, aluminum with a smooth finish. 
  • Air compression is what gives your AEG its power and achieving higher compression can give you the edge you need to take the win.
  • The specially designed ported piston head combined with two integrated high quality O-rings provide optimal compression within the cylinder.
  • Built-in precision ball bearings help to greatly reduce spring tension while the 8 ported piston head vents increase compression even further. 
  • The ventilated face of the piston head forces air into the piston head and out through holes under the o-ring, forcing the o-rings to expand outwards resulting in maximum compression inside the cylinder.
  • Red in colour.
Model: MX-PIS001PHS

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