Nimrod NTTU 3.5 Tracer Unit

by Nimrod
SKU 36897
  • The Nimrod Tactical Tracer Unit model series is the perfect compact tracer for a wide variety of rifle models.
  • It can illuminate up to 35 rounds per second making it perfect for pretty much any rifle, even those with super high rates of fire.
  • Super high quality metal construction with satin finish.
  • Integrated battery for long life and convenient charging.
  • 87mm x 38mm in size.
  • Quite a hefty unit coming in at 160g, so best suited for guns where overall weight is not a major concern. A lot beefier than the slimmer and lighter Xcortech models.
  • The tracer unit comes with a 14mm CCW thread.
  • Two piece design, unscrew the grey section from the black section to expose the micro USB charge port.
  • The rechargeable battery is fixed and not interchangeable.

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