Nine Ball Hop-Up Dial Adjuster - Pistol/GBBR

SKU 4571443141477
  • Laylax (Nine Ball) - Hop Dial Adjuster Tool For M4/HK45/USPC/M&P9/PX4 Gas Series.
  • Adjusting the Hop-Up on your GBBR Rifle and on some pistols can be a pain! It requires disassembling every time it needs to be adjusted, and it takes time to fine-tune. 
  • This item is a special tool for making HOP adjustments without having to disassemble bolts and slides. 
  • Material: Steel 
  • Surface treatment: Hard Black dyeing (black dyeing) 
  • Because all gun brands have different dimensions we can only confirm this to be a 100% fit for the Tokyo Marui Guns listed below, unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • Confirmed To Fit -
  • Tokyo Marui - M4A1 MWS Gas Machine Gun Series
  • Tokyo Marui - HK45 Gas Blowback Pistol Series
  • Tokyo Marui - M&P9 Gas Blowback Pistol Series
  • Tokyo Marui - PX4 Gas Blowback Pistol Series
  • Tokyo Marui - USP Compact Gas Blowback Pistol Series
  • May work with other brands and models!

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