Novritsch 28rd Magazine for SSG10 Series

SKU 613310724070
  • A clear VSR-10 style magazine for the SSG10 series of rifles.
  • Compatible with the Novritsch SSG10 A1, A2 & A3.
  • Trying to guess how many BBs are left in the magazine is a pain. Especially if you're in a fight. Not anymore. A quick glance at the magazine will tell you if it's the right time to reload or if you can continue shooting. 
  • Also in the safe zone you immediately know which magazines need to be refilled and which are full. It saves you a lot of hassle and gives you more time to enjoy the game day. Totally worth it!
  • Holds 28 BBs.
  • Also compatible with other VSR-10 platforms.
  • No rattling.
  • No winding.

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