Novritsch SSX23 Airsoft Pistol

SKU 613310723578
  • The NOVRITSCH SSX-23 (Version 2020) is a pre-upgraded, non blowback pistol. 
  • With its precision hop-up assembly and inner barrel, it outperforms most AEGs on the field in terms of precision and range.
  • With the modular suppressor attached it is extremely quiet which allows you to stay undiscovered after taking out your enemies one by one (sold separately).
  • These guns shoot at 290 FPS at room temperature on 144a gas (Low Pressure). Using green gas at warmer temperature may result in higher FPS.
  • Made from a mix of high impact ABS and metal parts.
  • Metal parts include the slide, trigger, slide stop, hammer and magazine.
  • The threaded barrel allows attachment of a suppressor, sold separately.
  • Unlike most pistols, it ships in a foam lined hard pistol case.
  • Using High-Pressure Gas at more than 10°C can break your magazine’s seal.
  • Magazine Capacity is 24 BBs.
  • Fires at: 290fps with 144a(Low pressure gas)
  • Weighs: 860g
  • Length: 425mm

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