Pirate Arms KAC QD CCW 168mm Silencer & Flash Hider - Tan

SKU 14531
  • A well-crafted aluminium silencer and flash hider from Pirate Arms.
  • 14mm CCW (Counter Clock Wise) thread.
  • To be able to attach this silencer to your airsoft gun, you need to take the original Flash hider off your barrel and replace with the Flash hider that comes with this Silencer.
  • The Quick Detach Silencer locks to the Flash hider.
  • The Flash hider that is included has a 14mm CCW (Counter Clock Wise) thread.
  • End cap screws off, interior of silencer is hollow.
  • 168mm long and 38mm wide.
  • Weighs in at 240g.
  • Silencer is Tan, Flash Hider is Black.

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