Krytac SilencerCo Maxim 9 - Gas

by Krytac
SKU 41175

  • Argueably the coolest, most unique pistol in the history of airsoft, the Maxim 9 is finally here!
  • Despite its futuristic looks, the Maxim 9 is a 1:1 faithfull reproduction of a real steel pistol producted by SilencerCo and includes fully licensed SilencerCo furnishings and trademarks.
  • Premium materials throughout the MAXIM 9 GBB's design, such as 6061-T6 aluminum and reinforced polymers, lend to a robust and lightweight gas blowback pistol, that is maneuverable in close quarters and can also withstand the abuse of uptempo gameplay.
  • Due to it's modular design, the SILENCERCO MAXIM 9 allows the user to customise the length to their own individual preferences as well as the ability to utilise a Tracer unit.
  • The pistol includes the larger extender piece, which means you can run the pistol in either a long or short configuration; 240mm total length or 275mm.
  • Construction of the KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 consists of a reinforced polymer frame with anodized aluminium slide and baffles. The baffles are modular, allowing for configuration between short (240mm) and long (275mm) versions; under the baffles are three keymod cut outs where a short rail section can be mounted.
  • The fixed barrel is threaded to accept a special version of the Acetech Bifrost airsoft tracer unit, designed specifically for the KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 and features a special orange flame mode, exclusive to this model tracer.
  • The Maxim 9 is micro dot optics ready with provisions for KRYTAC’s new multi-footprint mounting plate, accommodating for RMR®, RMR®cc, and RMS footprint optics.
  • The Maxim 9 can be fired in semi-auto or full-auto and is fed through a 24rd magazine. 
  • The magazine is constructed from aluminum alloy, lending to a noticeable weight difference compared to standard GBB magazines, allowing you to carry more ammo without weighing down your gear.
  • Ambidextrous switches allow the operator to maintain control of the MAXIM 9, regardless of dominant hand manipulation.
  • A hidden selector switch is located inside the rear of the slide allowing the user to fire in either semi-auto or fully automatic.
  • Available in both gas blowback and CO2 powered blowback variants; this is the gas model.
  • The Krytac SilencerCo Maxim 9 has proprietary fitment for accessories, as such Krytac and SilencerCo have engineered specific accessories, as listed below, which allow use and adaptability of the weapon.
  • Weapon Holster - Spare 24 Round GBB Magazine - Spare 24 Round CO2 Magazine - Tracer Unit with Extension Kit - Top Slide Optic Adapter Plate
  • Additional holster available here.
  • Additional optic plate available here.
  • Additional magazines available here.
  • Additional accessory rail available here.
  • Additional tracer/flash unit available here.
  • Fires at: 290-310fps, 13rps (temperature and gas dependant)
  • Weighs: 798g
  • Length: 240-275mm

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