Prometheus 6.03mm EG Inner Barrel for Krytac CRB/LMG - 280mm

SKU 22443
  • This is a very high quality tight bore barrel made from stainless steel. Although expensive you know you will be getting a long lasting barrel made to very high tolerances.
  • Tight 6.03mm inner diameter & 1/100mm precision dimensional tolerances.
  • Can Improve fps up to 10fps. - Improves Accuracy. 
  • Because of the strength and highly polished finish of the steel it is very resistant to scratches and dirt.
  • Also its nearly impossible to bend this barrel by accident, in guns with front ends with movement a brass barrel or worse an aluminium barrel will bend as you bend the outer barrel of a gun. 
  • The hop window isn't as wide as some, so if your looking to install one of the more modern style hop numbers like a firefly or Prometheus flat number system you may want to consider filling this window wider before installation.
  • Perfect size for the Krytac CRB & LMG.

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