PTS MEC R-Type Piston Head - Marui 14

by PTS
SKU ME102490300
  • The MEC R-Type piston head for Tokyo Marui GBB pistols is an improvement over the stock one that comes with the pistol.
  • This particular revolver cylinder-front-view design brass piston head is equipped with a 6-hole air intake in order to improve the airtightness and air sealing with the included O-ring (including 3 size of O-ring: red, black and green).
  • O ring sizes:Red: 13.5 - 14mm Black: 14mm Green: 14mm - 14.5mm.
  • Compatibility: Marui-14: TM Hi-Capa, P226, G17 Gen.3, 1911/KJ KP-17.

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