PTS Syndicate Enhanced Polymer Grip - Compact (EPG-C) AEG - Dark Earth

by PTS
SKU PT123450313 / 25747
  • The PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip -Compact (EPG-C)is a simple yet highly functional polymer pistol grip for the M4/M16 platform. It features an ergonomically designed shape and distinctive texturing that is optimized for strong and suitable grip even under adverse conditions.
  • Additionally, the EPG-C has a reduced grip angle versus a standard M4 grip that's more compatible with modern carbine gun fighting and CQB stances.
  • This grip angle helps to reduce strain on the wrist and helps to put the hand more in-line with the trigger for better trigger control.
  • It allows equal comfort for shooters who wish to run their guns with their stocks fully collapsed or fully extended. 
  • Dark Earth in colour.
  • Care should be taken when fitting to ensure motor height is correct, failure to do this may cause damage to your motor or gearbox.

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