SigAir Reflex Sight for M17/M18 Models

by SigAir
SKU 4049805195555
  • The SigAir reflex sight was engineered specifically to work with SigAir M17 & M18 products.
  • Using a wide 23mm field of view, the SigAir reflex sight has everything you would want from a traditional red dot.
  • From elevation and windage adjustment and 6 level easy-touch intensity controls, the SigAir reflex sight has you covered.
  • It includes mounting plates for both the airsoft and airgun M17/M18 platforms.
  • Front mounted power switch.
  • The lens is of nice clarity and has a crisp red dot.
  • Body is of aluminium construction, as are the mounting plates.
  • Includes the sight, two batteries, allen wrench, four mounting screws, two mounting plates, protective shroud and MOA adjuster.
  • To install:
  • Remove slide and turn upside down
  • Remove three sight screws (Philips head)
  • Turn slide right side up and remove the black top plate/rear sight
  • Separate rear sight from top plate and keep the plate safe.
  • For airsoft, select the airsoft plate and screw to the underside of the reflex sight with two of the four included screws.
  • Mount the new plate/scope to the top of the pistol, paying attention to the dummy extractor. The plate will be a tight fit.
  • Mount the rear sight to the back of the mount plate and reinstall the screws.

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