Snow Wolf Barrett M82A1 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

SKU SW-024
  • One of the most iconic military sniper rifles in recent times, this is the fully licensed M82A1 variant from Snow Wolf. This is the full metal version.
  • Weighing in at a colossal 6kg assembled, this is a huge airsoft gun with a length of 1420mm.
  • As this is officially licensed, it comes with authentic Barrett trade marks laser engraved on the lower receiver, as well as a Barrett branded retail box.
  • Spring powered mechanism, so no gas or batteries required.
  • Simply load your BBs into the included full-sized magazine and pull back on the full metal charging handle to cock the internal piston. Pulling the trigger releases the piston and fires a single BB. BB loader also included.
  • Adjustable hop-up system allows for increased range. Power is approx 280fps with a 0.2g BB. Note that despite its size, this model shoots much the same as as any standard Snow Wolf bolt action rifle.
  • This is essentially a full metal replica, with the body, bolt, barrel, muzzle brake and bipod all made from a quality metal alloy. The magazine is the exception, this is a high quality plastic construction with 100 BB capacity.
  • Included bipod is the classic skeletal design and is both foldable and removable.
  • Carry handle is comfortable to hold and made from metal. However we would recommend carrying the gun with two hands at all times!
  • Includes a free sling in the box, however it is incredibly basic and we recommend a sturdier sling like the ones from Strike
  • An absolute must for all Barrett fans and collectors alike!
  • 35rd Low-Cap magazine available here.
  • Length: 1420mm
  • Weighs: 6kg
  • Fires at: 280fps
  • Note: The stated muzzle output has been measured by ourselves with a 0.2g BB and will be frequently remeasured. Variations of +/- 10% are possible, but always conforming to the Irish 1 joule limit.

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