Snow Wolf M24 SWS Rifle - Black

SKU SW-04B/5054
  • The M24 bolt action rifle from Snow Wolf has been incredibly popular with airsofters for years, due to its accurate weight and feel and reliable operation.
  • Quite a large and heavy rifle coming in at approx 3.2kg in weight.
  • The stock has a grippy textured finish and integrates a forward and rear sling attachment point.
  • Built into the end of the stock is an extendable buttplate that allows for more comfortable shooting. The plate is rubberised.
  • Spring powered rifle so no gas or batteries required. Lift the bolt handle up, pull backwards until you hear the sear engage the piston and return to the bolt handle forward again. A single trigger pull fires one shot.
  • Adjustable hop-up slider located on the left side of the frame beside the barrel, for increased range.
  • 20mm top rail allows for attachment of any 20mm scopes or scope rings (not included).
  • Heavy nylon stock with the upper being entirely metal construction including the barrel, bolt and top rail.
  • Includes an 18rd magazine and 90rd BB loader.
  • You also get a basic sling included.
  • Front bipod attachment point.
  • Scope not included.
  • Length: 1170mm
  • Weighs: 3280g (with no scope attached)
  • Fires at: 275fps

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