Snow Wolf SV98 Spring Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle Kit - Green

SKU 30416
  • The SV98 sniper from Snow Wolf is a substantial rifle with an ergonomic stock just like the L96.
  • It has a quality polymer stock with full metal upper receiver, barrel and muzzle brake. Quite heavy at 4.2kg.
  • Thankfully there is a cool carry handle to make carrying this beast a little more comfortable to transport!
  • Spring powered so no batteries or gas required. Cycle the bolt and pull the trigger for a single shot.
  • Working safety lever located at the rear of the bolt.
  • As mentioned in the title, this is a complete kit, so include the sniper rifle, supressor and bipod.
  • The supressor is CNC aluminium and is fully removable.
  • The bipod mounts to the front of the stock and has spring ejecting legs. It's also fully foldable against the base of the rifle, making it more slimline and easy to maneuver when not in use.
  • 20mm top rail allow the attachment of an array of scopes.
  • There is also an integrated monopod located at the rear of the rifle, and adjustable cheek piece and base plate.
  • Adjustable hop-up system allowing for range adjustment.
  • Includes a single magazine, capacity is 65rd.
  • Available in a variety of colours, this is the green model.
  • Fires at: 300fps 
  • Weighs: 4200g
  • Length: 1219mm

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