Snow Wolf Thompson M1A1

  • Originally designed as a "Trench Sweeper" in 1918 to help break the stalemate of WW1, the Thompson was widely adopted by the U.S. armed forces and saw extensive use throughout World War II and beyond.
  • This replica from Snow Wolf is based on the revised M1A1 model.
  • The charging handle can be pulled backwards and released for effect.
  • Ships with a 420rd high capacity stick magazine.
  • Many metal parts, including the upper receiver, the fire selector, safety selector, front and rear sights, trigger, trigger guard and sling loops.
  • The metal barrel and upper receiver are coated with a super matt finish.
  • The handgrip, stock and grip are all high quality plastic with a very convincing wood effect finish.
  • Adjustable hop-up system is located inside the breach and is a rotary-style system.
  • Selectable semi and fully automatic fire modes.
  • To access the battery compartment remove the bottom screw on the buttplate and lift the round panel open which will allow you to take off the baseplate.
  • A must have gun for the collector or period player alike.
  • Fires at: 280-300fps
  • Weighs: 2.6kg
  • Length: 810mm
  • Battery: 9.6V 1600mAh Nunchuck-Type (Not Included)
  • Charger: Ni-MH Smart charger (Not Included)
  • Note: The stated muzzle output has been measured by ourselves with a 0.2g BB and will be frequently remeasured. Variations of +/- 10% are possible, but always conforming to the Irish 1 joule limit.

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