Snow Wolf VSR-10G Sniper Rifle - SW-10KT

  • The Snow Wolf VSR-10 has to be one of the best value airsoft snipers on the market! You get the rifle itself with an integrated silencer, 20rd magazine, 90rd BB loader and 250 BBs to get your started.
  • The stock of the rifle is made from a textured, heavyweight nylon.
  • The entire upper section of the rifle including the barrel, silencer and upper receiver/bolt is made from metal.
  • Other metal parts include the bolt handle, 20mm top rail, trigger guard, safety lever and sling mounts.
  • Front and rear sling mounts allow attachment of a 2 or 3 point sling.
  • Rough textured handguard and pistol grip makes for great grip and comfortable shooting.
  • The outer barrel has a ported design, giving the rifle a unique look.
  • The silencer is removable, however it not made to be used with the silencer detached.
  • Metal QD stud at the front of the rifle for bipod attachment (not included).
  • 20mm top rail for scope attachment. 
  • Adjustable hop-up unit allows you to adjust the trajectory of the BB.
  • Rifle requires a small amount of assembly before use (simply insert a few bolts with the included allen key).
  • Includes a 20 round magazine. Takes standard Marui VSR magazines also.
  • Additional magazines available.
  • Scope not included. Consider picking up a scope in the scopes section. The most popular choices are the Strike 4x32 and the 3-9x40.
  • Upgrade: Consider the Laylax PSS10 Sniper Spring, it boosts the power to approx. 300fps!
  • Length: 1150mm
  • Weighs: 2.15kg
  • Fires at: 255fps
  • Note: The stated muzzle output has been measured by ourselves with a 0.2g BB and will be frequently remeasured. Variations of +/- 10% are possible, but always conforming to the Irish 1 joule limit.

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