Stage 2 Upgrade - Tokyo Marui M4/416/MK18/URG-I Recoil Shock

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  • Stage 2 upgrade is suitable for Tokyo Marui M4/416/MK18/URG-I Recoil Shock (NGRS) models.
  • Completed by our skilled technicians, this Stage 2 upgrade replaces the factory trigger contacts with an advanced electronically controlled trigger unit from Gate and also bumps the power from approx. 290fps to 320fps with a 0.2g BB. 
  • We also replace the 6mm plastic gear bushings with solid metal bushings, replace the plastic spring guide with a metal bearing guide, replace the stock gear set with a hardened steel set and replace the inner barrel with a Madbull Steel Bull 6.03mm barrel.
  • The result is increased power, range and accuracy, increased mechanical reliability, a marginal increase in rate of fire and a dramatic improvement in trigger response, coupled with trigger sensitivity and fire selector mode adjustment.
  • This upgrade also replaces the factory battery system in the gun (M4/416/MK18 variants) and the battery harness will terminate in a deans battery connection.
  • Completion time is typically inside 7-10 days. Price excludes the gun.
  • Parts include:
  • Gate Titan V2 NGRS Expert Module
  • AirsoftEire M85 Spring
  • Prometheus EG Barrel - Length depends on gun
  • Element or Ultimate 6mm/5.9mm Metal Bushings (depending on availability)
  • Laylax EG Spring Guide For M4/HK416/HK417 Next Generation Recoil Shock
  • Prometheus 18:1 EG Hard Gear Set Genuine Torque for Recoil Shock
  • Warranty:
  • This work is backed by our 6 month labour warranty and an additional 24 month part warranty on the Gate ETU.
  • Our warranty covers faults that occur as a result of the work completed. Warranty does not cover wear and tear on older guns or historical faults unrelated to work performed.
  • Any fault that may occur with the Gate ETU outside of the initial 6 month warranty period will incur a labour charge.
  • Warranty is voided if any damage to battery wiring sheath is present or if the deans connector is replaced.

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