Tokyo Marui 3000rd AA-12 Drum Magazine

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  • Tokyo Marui's long awaited 3000rd electronic drum magazine for the AA-12 shotgun.
  • Made from high impact ABS and polycarbonate, with a textured finish for improved grip.
  • Sports a transparent, removable window displaying a total of 19 dummy shells.
  • Weighs in at a hefty 764g.
  • Includes a secondary locking mechanism in the packaging, which must be screwed to the underside of the trigger guard. This provides additional locking security, preventing the drum magazine from falling out.
  • The locking mechanism can be activated or deactivated with a single finger, allowing easy removal/insertion of a fresh drum magazine, or a mid-capacity magazine.
  • Electronic automatic winding mechanism keeps BBs constantly pushed to the top of the feed outlet. Note that the button needs to be depressed for the automatic winding mechanism to activate.
  • Requires x4 AA batteries, not included.

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