Tokyo Marui AUG High Cycle

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  • Tokyo Marui's High Cycle AUG is based upon the more compact Para version of the standard Steyr AUG. This particular Para variant is derived from the AUG A3 XS model, which is only 615mm long, but still weighs in at 2.6kg.
  • Being a High Cycle model, this AUG shoots at a hugely impressive 25 rounds per second with a standard 8.4V battery!
  • Marui have specced this model with their latest EG30000 high speed motor, to produce the massive rate of fire.
  • Very realistic, tough ABS plastic construction, mimicking the polymer body of the real steel AUG. 
  • Lots of high quality metal parts, including the sling mounts, barrel assembly and flash hider, charging handle sliding assembly and front and rear sights.
  • A rail mount is located below the barrel for accessory attachment, with another 55mm long rail mounted on the right side of the gun. A further rail mount traverses the upper receiver of the AUG, allowing attachment of a variety of 20mm optics.
  • Front and rear sights are mounted on the top rail and are fully adjustable and removable.
  • Includes a detachable stubby foregrip for attaching to the front rail mount.
  • Adjustable hop-up located behind ejection port cover.
  • Same fire mechanism as real AUG: depress the trigger for semi-automatic fire and depress fully for fully automatic fire.
  • Includes a quality 330 round magazine, which keeps up with the colossal rate of fire.
  • Takes small-type 8.4V battery in stock. Simply remove the rubber buttplate and pop it in. As with all Marui guns, a battery and charger are not included and are required separately.
  • Only an 8.4V battery should be used; using any other kind of battery will produce a rate of fire the gun was not designed to produce and will void your warranty.
  • Strips down just like the real Steyr, allowing you to separate the metal receiver from the ABS body. 
  • Bullpup design allows the rifle to have a long barrel length, with a compact overall size.
  • Fires at: 280fps
  • Weighs: 2.6kg
  • Length: 615mm
  • Battery: Small-type 8.4V, 1100-2000mAh

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