Tokyo Marui Curve Compact Carry Pistol - Fixed Slide

SKU 4952839141040

  • The Tokyo Marui CURVE Compact Carry Gas Pistol is an ultra-compact gas airsoft pistol designed with waistband carry in mind.
  • Following the trend of non-blowback conceal carry airsoft guns, the Curve does not disappoint!
  • The pistol is designed in a way where the entire frame and slide are curved, hence the name.
  • This is done so that the gun would sit nicely and comfortably to carry on a waistband, perfect for mil-sims where you need to hide your important backup pistol.
  • Speaking of waistband carry, this gun comes with a waistband clip for waistband carry.
  • Obviously not made for carrying in public, recommended for your classic skirmishes and mil-sims.
  • The lights and laser modular on the CURVE are dummy and serve no purpose other than looking cool and the magazine is a pinch-type magazine that carries 10 rounds.
  • Also, the CURVE does not have sights but it doesn't matter since it is designed to engage targets in a short distance.
  • Additional magazines available.
  • Built for 144a gas.
  • Fires at: 260fps
  • Weighs: 250g
  • Length: 145mm

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