Tokyo Marui Deceleration Adapter

SKU 4952839178039
  • Metal Construction.
  • Reduce muzzle velocity up to 40-50% when attaching this adapter to your rifle.
  • Features a 14mm CCW thread allowing it to be screwed to the end of most AEGs.
  • Includes four colour-coded reduction rings:
  • Yellow: Reduce about 10-20%
  • Red: Reduce about 20-30%
  • Blue: Reduce about 30-40%
  • White: Reduce about 40-50%, already install on the adapter.
  • Easy installation. Works on semi-automatic mode only.
  • The adapter also allows the attachment of a tracer unit/suppressor due to the additional 14mm thread located on the end.
  • Suitable for any airsoft gun barrel with a 14mm CCW thread.

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