Tokyo Marui EX Conversion Adapter for 7.2V 500mAh Battery

SKU 4952839177049
  • Tokyo Marui EX Conversion Adapter for 7.2V Micro 500mAh battery.
  • Suitable for Tokyo Marui MP7A1, Scorpion Mod M & MAC10 AEP. 
  • This adapter allows you to use the smaller, 500mAh battery in devices made for the larger 700mAh battery, like the MP7 and Mod M models from Marui.
  • Simply slide a 500mAh battery inside this adapter and you can then install it in the guns mentioned above, aswell as charge the smaller 500mAh battery in the larger 700mAh chargers.
  • Used in conjunction with the ASG 7.2v 500mAh & Tokyo Marui 7.2v 500mAh batteries.
  • Note: This is NOT a battery. This is an adapter only!

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