Tokyo Marui FNX - Black

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  • Following the popularity of the tan coloured FNX, this is the latest black finish FNX from Tokyo Marui.
  • Comes stock with a threaded barrel and a collar to protect the threads when not in use.
  • Extra tall sights clear an attached silencer (not included) with ease.
  • Ambidextrous slide release lever and safety.
  • Slide serrations front and rear make the pistol super easy to rack.
  • Lots of metal parts including the barrel collar, trigger, hammer, slide release, safety and sights.
  • The slide and frame are made from tough ABS, which contributes to the snappiness of the slide and fantastic gas efficiency.
  • Semi-automatic blowback operation.
  • Adjustable hop up underneath the slide.
  • Highly authentic looking markings on the slide and frame.
  • Magazine holds 29 rounds and lots of gas.
  • Pistol includes additional backstrap to make the grip larger or smaller.
  • Slide is setup with a removable top cover, exposing the RMR mount platform.
  • Compatible with the Marui RMR sight, not included.
  • Compatible with the Marui FNX silencer, not included.
  • Additional magazines available in our store.
  • Silencer also available in our store.
  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 840g
  • Length: 220mm

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