Tokyo Marui HK45

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  • The new HK45 from Tokyo Marui has been worth the long wait.
  • Essentially a more ergonomic version of the universal service pistol, it features numerous improvements in the way it handles.
  • The pistol comes in a little lighter than full metal pistols, but still heavier than the likes of the G17 at a respectable 788g.
  • One of the biggest improvements over the universal service pistol series is the ambidextrous slide stop, making it a great choice for left handed shooters or for dual wielding! 
  • The slide has a sleaker look than the universal service pistol with rounded edges on the slide and a tapered front end, minimising snagging on holsters and clothing.
  • The safety lever is still located on the left side of the frame, albeit with a more contoured shape.
  • The safety lever also doubles as a decocker; pushing down on the lever safely drops the hammer. 
  • Metal parts include the safety lever, slide locks, trigger and trigger bar, hammer, internal frame, magazine, recoil rod and hop-up unit. 
  • Magazine holds 26 rounds and really adds to the weight of the pistol. Additional magazines available here.
  • Sports an integrated 20mm lower accessory rail built into the lower frame. The trigger guard is wide like on the universal service pistol to allow the shooter to wear gloves.
  • Green gas is recommended up to 18°C, 134a/144a above.
  • Adjustable hop-up is located inside the ejection port and can be adjusted without having to remove the slide.
  • Double action trigger just like the real steel.
  • A high quality pistol from Marui that will take lots of abuse and last for years.
  • Note: The HK45 has limited holster options. Currently the best fit for this pistol is the FMA Universal Holster here.
  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 788g
  • Length: 201mm

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