Tokyo Marui LCP Pistol - Black

SKU 4952839141019
  • The proper forms and compactness of the LCP have been replicated perfectly on this gas Non BlowBack (NBB) pistol.
  • Being a NBB (Non BlowBack) replica the LCP operates by only pulling the trigger (double action).
  • This action will chamber a BB and release gas in order to expel the BB down the barrel.
  • Despite its compactness, short inner barrel (66mm) and relatively low velocity, the LCP performs fantastically well with its fixed hop up system, using Marui's legendary hop bucking.
  • The LCP operates exceptionally quiet. It makes it a perfect gun for survival games (airsoft skirmishes) or even speed shooting games.
  • The internals are mostly metal for better longevity.
  • It adds weight to the replica for more satisfying handling.
  • The 10 rounds spare magazine is made out of diecast metal for better resistance to cold weather and better gas efficiency.
  • Fires at: 260fps
  • Weighs: 255g
  • Length: 131mm

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