Tokyo Marui M9A1

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  • Tokyo Marui's new M9A1 model is a step up from it's previous generation of M9.
  • The ABS finish is improved to give a more realistic metallic look and feel. Marui have inserted weights in every available area of the pistol to increase its weight, including inside the grip panels and below the recoil rod inside the frame. This brings the pistol up to a very impressive 965g, just 10g less than the real steel.
  • With this M9A1 model, Marui have moved away from the M9 design that all other manufacturers have copied including KJW. The internal frame, rails and hammer mechanism is a completely new design, as is the blowback mechanism in the rear of the slide.
  • The M9A1 also borrows from Marui's recent PX4 and a decocker has been introduced. Engage the safety lever when the hammer is cocked and it will drop into its single action mode.
  • Metal parts include the safety levers, disassembly lever, slide lock, trigger and trigger bar, hammer, internal frame, magazine, recoil rod and hop-up unit. 
  • Magazine holds 24 rounds and really adds to the weight of the pistol. Takes standard Marui M9 magazines.
  • As this is the A1 model, it ships with the integrated 20mm lower accessory rail built into the lower frame. The trigger guard has also been widened to allow the shooter to wear gloves and the grip has more aggressive checkering on the front and back. Flat head grip panel screws have been replaced with more stylish hex screws.
  • Green gas is recommended up to 18°C, 134a/144a above.
  • Adjustable hop-up is located under the slide with Marui's usual cog-style adjuster (slide must be removed).
  • Double action trigger just like the real steel.
  • A high quality pistol from Marui that will take lots of abuse and last for years.
  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 965g
  • Length: 215mm

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