Tokyo Marui MP5A5 High Cycle

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  • Marui's ever popular MP5A5 AEG, now available in their much sought-after "High Cycle" variety!
  • Featuring their new EG30000 motor, the MP5A5 achieves a huge 25 rounds per second with a standard 8.4V battery!
  • The upper and lower receivers are made from a high quality, heavyweight ABS plastic, with lots of other metal parts.
  • Metal parts include the barrel and front sight assembly, sling mounts, trigger, selector switch, magazine release, rear sight and 20mm rail mount.
  • The MP5A5 sports a retractable, 3 position stock.
  • A 20mm mount, sold separately can be mounted on top of the AEG allowing the attachment of a scope.
  • The handguard is removable and exposes the battery compartment.
  • Accepts an 8.4V small-type battery, sold separately.
  • Selectable safe, semi and fully automatic fire modes.
  • Movable front charging handle.
  • Features an adjustable hop-up unit located on the left side of the barrel.
  • Sports the popular ambidextrous Navy trigger group.
  • This MP5A5 model only takes an 8.4V small-type battery. Using any other kind of higher voltage battery will increase the rate of fire beyond what it's designed to produce and will void your warranty.
  • Features Marui's new EG30000 high speed motor which provides the colossal rate of fire.
  • Adjustable metal rear sight (for range).
  • Comes with high capacity 400 round drum magazine which required winding.
  • Compatible with all Tokyo Marui/Classic Army accessories.

  • Fires at: 230fps
  • Weighs: 1.82kg
  • Length: 520-665mm
  • Battery: 8.4V small-type (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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