Tokyo Marui SAA .45 Artillery 5.5" Spring Revolver - Silver

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  • The Tokyo Marui SAA.45 Spring Revolver is the quintessential spring airsoft revolver.
  • Although this is a plastic spring action model gun that is marketed for younger players, this gun is so much fun!
  • As you would expect from Marui, despite the near all-plastic construction, it looks convincingly realistic, with no rattles or plastic creaking.
  • This is a spring powered gun, so no gas or CO2 required, yet it still has all the same functions as its gas counterparts.
  • You need to half cock the hammer to rotate the cylinder and to remove or insert shells. You can also manually rotate the cylinder.
  • The ejection rod is present and functional even though you don't really have to use it. If you cock the gun by mistake, you can manually decock it without firing it.
  • You really forget that this is a springer once you start playing with it. Speaking about cocking the gun, the hammer is also quite smooth to operate again it is quite similar to the gas and CO2 counterparts.
  • The gun in contrast to most airsoft revolvers has an adjustable hop-up which can be adjusted using the tool that comes in the box, which significantly increases its range since this gun has a low FPS and it is designed to use 0.12 gram BBs.
  • Remember this was designed for children of the age 10 and above, so it is still a basic plinker as opposed to a long range, skirmishable or collectors piece.
  • Fires at: 120fps
  • Weighs: 440g
  • Length: 310mm

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