Tokyo Marui SCAR-L MK16 CQC Recoil Shock - FDE

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  • Tokyo Marui's Recoil Shock system is implemented fantastically well in this MK16 SCAR AEG. This is the close-quarters combat version (CQC) with a 10" barrel.
  • A beautifully made AEG, with a contrasting metal, bronze-tinted upper receiver and light tan lower receiver.
  • Built from a high quality, super solid polymer.
  • Just like the Recoil Shock series of M4 Sopmods, the SCAR CQC model has a very noticeable recoil and working blowback which cycles the bolt handle as the rifle is shooting.
  • The upper receiver/rail is made of metal along with other parts such as the outer barrel, sights, bolt catch, trigger and magazine release.
  • Working bolt catch; pull back the charging handle whilst pressing in the bolt catch and it will hold it open.
  • 82rd mid-capacity metal magazine included. Upon firing the last shot, the SCAR will stop shooting automatically and engage the bolt catch. Inserting a fresh magazine and pressing the bolt catch makes the rifle ready to fire once more.
  • The included magazine is simply a tan version of the standard M4/Socom Recoil Shock magazine. The SCAR also accepts the larger 430rd magazine, however the bolt function does not operate. Does not accept standard M4/M16 AEG magazines.
  • Tactical retractable stock with 6 different positions.
  • Stock is also foldable to reduce length during transit.
  • Battery is stored in the rear stock (small-type). Marui as ever recommends an 8.4V NIMH battery.
  • Features a mass of 20mm rails, including along the top of the rifle, the underside of the handguard, as well as on both sides.
  • High quality matt finish.
  • Unique flip up front and rear sights (rear sights are rail mounted and removable) with full-metal construction.
  • Fits any of our 20mm scopes or sights.
  • Adjustable hop-up behind ejection port cover.
  • Working charging handle.
  • Flat dark earth in colour.
  • Genuine FN Herstal stamped markings on the upper receiver.
  • Battery here, Charger here.


  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 3.3kg
  • Length: 725-780mm
  • Battery: Small-type 8.4V/9.6V (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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