Tokyo Marui Type 89 GBBR Rifle

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  • The real Type 89 is a Japanese assault rifle used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guard's Special Security Team units and the Special Assault Team. It was never exported outside Japan due to its strict anti-hardware export policy. 
  • Being a Japanese company, Tokyo Marui have put great effort into making this gas blowback version of their nations defence forces' rifle one of their most special and realistic models yet.
  • Full metal construction with high quality polymer handguard, pistol grip and stock with a sublime matt finish.
  • Incredibly heavy, coming in at 4kg in weight with an empty magazine.
  • Just like the real steel, it sports a four position fire selector to support the four fire modes, safe, single, three round burst and fully automatic fire.
  • The Type 89 ships with its own proprietary full metal, folding bipod.
  • Also bundled in the box is a protective cap, a rod-style loading tool, a front site adjustment tool, a barrel nut wrench, a cleaning rod, an instruction manual and 100 0.2g Marui BBs.
  • The Type 89 GBBR provides a great blowback effect when shot making this GBBR really fun to function. 
  • The Type 89 GBBR uses an adapted version of Tokyo Marui's Z-System that prevents internal parts from wearing prematurely when the bolt is stopped by the bolt catch.
  • Adjustable hop-up dial is located under the handguard, where the barrel enters the upper receiver.
  • Fully field stripable, just like the real steel. The upper receiver hinges upwards from the lower, allowing access to the trigger/hammer assembly as well as bolt access.
  • Includes a 35rd metal magazine.
  • Additional magazines available here.
  • Also accepts Marui MWS magazines found here.
  • Shoots at approx 328fps with 144a gas at 23 degrees Celsius. Green gas should only used in colder temperatures.
  • Fires at: 328fps
  • Weighs: 4.0kg
  • Length: 916mm
  • Gas Required: 144a 

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