ULTIMATE Gearbox Casing - 8mm Bearings

by ASG
SKU 16592
  • This gearbox is cast with high strength materials and is suitable for all low, medium and high power setups.
  • The lining of the casing is surrounded with protruding taps that prevent the gearbox from twisting under stress.
  • Finished with an attractive chromium plating and silver finish, the casing has a low friction surface for maximum efficiency.
  • The gearbox comes with high performance pre-mounted 8mm Japanese made steel bearings and an ULTIMATE selector plate with a high quality plating.
  • Also includes high strength hex screws and washers.
  • Each gearbox features a unique serial number etched on its side.
  • This is a version 2 gearbox.
  • View our entire range of ULTIMATE parts here.

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