Umarex HK MP71A1 Spring Rifle

by Umarex
SKU 35485/26486
  • A high quality spring powered rifle from Umarex, based on the famous real steel Heckler and Koch MP7A1 sub machinegun.
  • Pulling back on the foldable foregrip primes the piston. Pulling the trigger releases it propelling a single BB down the barrel.
  • Tough ABS/nylon construction. 100% scale replica.
  • Includes a high capacity 350 round removable magazine.
  • Stock is fixed in place and is not extendable.
  • Railed sections at the front allow the attachment of a variety of 20mm accessories.
  • Fixed hop-up system for improved accuracy.
  • Weighs approx 570g.
  • Length 380mm.

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