Umarex (GHK) Glock 17 Gen 3 Steel Version - GBB

by GHK
SKU 35789
  • Umarex Glock 17 gas blowback pistol manufactured by GHK.
  • This Glock 17 replica is like no other G17 replica on the market.
  • It has a full CNC machined steel slide and outer barrel and a more powerful and realistic blowback operation.
  • It has a noticeably more realistically weighted trigger at 2.8kg of activation pressure.
  • Fits standard Glock 17 holsters like those from Safariland and Blackhawk, along with original accessories and sights.
  • The pistol is weighted very differently from a standard airsoft pistol to match the real steel more accurately. The magazine weighs approximately half what a typical airsoft magazine does at 140g, making it super lightweight and realistic like a real magazine.
  • The remainder of the 660g weight is all in the pistol itself, so removing the magazine results in little change to the weight of the pistol, again much like the real steel.
  • Pulling back on the slide feels quite different to a regular airsoft pistol, with the smooth sliding of steel on steel and an audibly different action that sounds crisper and more realistic.
  • Comes with a green gas magazine with enlarged release valve.
  • Fully licensed replica of the Glock 17 Gen 3 pistol.
  • The Glock 17 is probably the most famous Glock model of all. In use with many police forces and military units around the world. 
  • The adjustable hop-up is located on the underside of the outer barrel (slide removal required for adjustment).
  • Enhanced blowback system for cycling the steel slide.
  • This model is fully licensed by GLOCK with the full engravings and markings.
  • Magazine holds 20 BBs, with authentic Glock markings on the baseplate.
  • Works with regular Ultrair green gas and red gas like the Nimrod red.
  • Build Material – Polymer lower/steel slide & outer barrel.
  • 35789
  • Fires at: 270fps
  • Weighs: 670g
  • Length: 202mm

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