Viper VX Double SMG Magazine Sleeve - Coyote

by Viper
  • This sleeve from Viper is perfect for MP5, EVO, ARP9, MP7/MP9 magazines aswell as other smg mags, keeping them secured and easily accessible.
  • Can hold 2 magazines.
  • The tight Elastic retention secures your mags and prevents them from falling out whilst running and bouncing around.
  • Fits MP5 magazines but will also fit other smg magazines such as the EVO, ARP9, MP7 and MP9 magazines.
  • Velcro Hooks on the front and back for attaching to vests and rigs.
  • It is made from elastic with Velcro elements.
  • Compatible with Velcro loadouts.
  • Dark Coyote in colour.

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