Vorsk EU17 Vented Slide with Dot Sight - Black

by Vorsk
SKU 32423 / VGP-01-02-BDS
  • In keeping with VORSKs desire to offer genuine alternatives to their customers – they have taken the popular G Series and spun a “Tactical” offering as well as an eye-catching “Vented” option.

  • Micro Red Dot
  • Reduced Weight Slide (VENTED)
  • Flared Magwell
  • Extended Magazine Baseplate
  • Fluted Outer Barrel
  • Semi-Automatic
  • This model is enhanced with design choices not found on standard G17 series replicas. Raised fibreoptic iron sights improve target acquisition, VORSKs high-stipple polymer pistol grip ensures a firm grip on those wet & windy days, further improved by the flared magwell. The notch in the magwell flare along with extended magazine baseplates improve reload speeds and finally it comes fitted with a 12 mm CW to 14 mm CCW thread adapter hidden underneath a barrel flash hider/cover.
  • The VENTED slides distinctive forward vent ports give this platform its unique look. These “windows” look unto the fluted outer-barrel that is generally an alternative colour to the slide providing a truly different & eye-catching look. The vent ports also result in some slide weight-reduction which enhances the shooting experience as the recoil cycle is both faster & more “snappy” when compared to standard G17 series GBB replicas.
  • Fires at: 325fps
  • Weighs: 700g

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