WADSN DBAL-A2 Illuminator / Laser Module Red + Green - Tan (Polymer)

SKU 30547
  • This laser aiming device from WADSN features dual laser designators (Red & Green) and an illuminator in a compact polymer case.
  • The device features marked toggle modes to easily switch from one setting to another. The selectable modes include Low Power On, Low Power Momentary, Off, High Power On and High Power Momentary. The selectable functions are labeled slightly different. From left to right, Vis Point is Green laser, I/R Illum is a Torch,I/R Point & Illum is a strobe Torch and I/R Point is Red Laser.
    Zeroing the device is also simplified thanks to clearly marked tool-less turrets.
  • Can be mounted to any 20mm rail with it's QD throw lever mount.
  • Visible red & green laser.
  • Comes with a remote switch which allows the user to activate the unit.
  • A LEAF iron sight is also included with this package adding to the look and function of this unit. Simply mount it to the top and use the included screw to affix it top the unit.
  • This is the Polymer version.
  • Tan in colour.
  • Powered by a single CR123a (Not Included)

    • Disclaimer: This laser device is a replica and is not intended for any real Military or Law Enforcement use. Use of this device might be regulated or illegal in some states / countries; please check local laws regarding IR laser designators. This product is not a toy; improper use of infrared laser systems can cause serious eye injury and/or blindness. Purchaser assumes full responsibility when using this product.

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