WADSN ET OGL Torch/ IR / Laser Module - Tan (Aluminium)

  • This laser aiming device from WADSN features a torch, laser and IR packaged in a compact polymer carry case.
  • The device features marked toggle modes to easily switch from one setting to another. 
  • Can be mounted to any 20mm rail with it's QD throw lever mount.
  • Visible red laser.
  • Switch on top of unit adjusts strength of torch / laser, F for full power S for lower power.
  • Green indicator light on rear of unit to indicate to user unit is powered on.
  • Comes with a remote wired switch which allows the user to activate the unit.
  • This is the Aluminium version,
  • Tan in colour.
  • Powered by a single CR123a (Not Included).
  • Disclaimer: This laser device is a replica and is not intended for any real Military or Law Enforcement use. Use of this device might be regulated or illegal in some states / countries; please check local laws regarding IR laser designators. This product is not a toy; improper use of infrared laser systems can cause serious eye injury and/or blindness. Purchaser assumes full responsibility when using this product.

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