WE CT25 Pistol - Black

by WE
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  • The WE CT25 GBB pistol is an extremely compact pistol.
  • Full metal construction throughout, including the slide, frame, barrel, guide rod and controls.
  • Contrasting black frame and slide against the silver barrel, recoil rod and trigger.
  • Metal magazine holds 7 BBs.
  • Magazine release button is located on the bottom right of the left side grip panel.
  • Manual slide lock; the lock needs to be engaged manually to lock the slide.
  • Features a magazine disconnect; the hammer cannot drop once the trigger is pulled if the magazine is removed.
  • The slide lock doubles as a safety lever. In the upwards position, the safety is engaged. Lower it down to the 6 o clock position and the sagety is turned off.
  • Surprisingly heavy replica due to the full metal construction.
  • Fantastic fun to shoot!
  • Ships in a well presented box.
  • Fires at: 200fps
  • Weighs: 308g
  • Length: 150mm

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