WE Hi Capa 5.2 K - Black

by WE
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SKU 8716
  • Full metal construction, including both slide and frame.
  • Semi automatic blowback operation.
  • Slide porting reduces weight for faster cycling and gives the K model a very nice look.
  • Working thumb safety and secondary grip safety
  • Metal magazine holds 31 rounds
  • Green gas is recommended for this full metal pistol. 
  • Adjustable hop-up mechanism.
  • Single action trigger.
  • Lower accessory rail.
  • Chrome barrel and guide rod
  • Unique skeletal hammer and trigger.
  • Nice heavy weight, feels solid in your hand.
  • Strong blowback with great metallic sound.
  • Note, with the added rail attachment you might find it difficult to get a polymer holster to fit this pistol.
  • Fires at: 300.0fps
  • Weighs: 1020g
  • Length: 235.0mm

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