Wii Tech Aluminium Nozzle Set - KSC M11A1

SKU 4116
  • M11A1 (KSC-Full Open System 7) CNC 7075-T6 AluminiumTop Gas Loading Nozzle set.
  • This 7075-T6 aluminum loading nozzle is manufactured by precision CNC process and electroplating finishing.  
  • The loading nozzle body is made of 7075-T6 aluminium that is certified by Hong Kong SGS.  
  • The floating valve (i.e. jet nozzle) is made of stainless steel.  
  • This loading nozzle set suits M11A1 (KSC-Full Open System 7) and: 
    1) improves smoothness of loading BB;
    2) increases shooting power (J) about 12%;
    3) strengthens construction and durability;
    4) includes a stainless steel enhanced valve;
    5) includes 4 pieces of plastic magazine followers;
    6) suits high power gas.

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