Wii Tech CNC Aluminium Enhanced Loading Nozzle Chassis - KWA MP9 (KSC-System 7)

SKU 4145
  • This 7075-T6 aluminum Enhanced Loading Nozzle Chassis is made by precision CNC machines and hardcoat-anodized electroplating finishing.  
  • This 7075-T6 aluminium material is certified by Hong Kong SGS.
  • This enhanced loading nozzle chassis MUST be installed into our Enhanced Carrier (item 4146) with Enhanced Buffer (item 4144).
  • It is made for professional shooter and completion needs because it: 
  • 1) does not fit the original MP9 (KSC-System 7) bolt carrier;
  • 2) increases blow-back speed;
  • 3) increases gas-tightness with loading nozzle;
  • 4) ensuring loading nozzle inline with the hop-up.
  • Item Code: 4146

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