Xcortech XT501 MKII Tracer Unit - Black

SKU xt501
  • From the makers of the most popular airsoft consumer chronograph comes a brand new tracer unit which is unlike any other.
  • The MK II XT501 from Xcortech uses an all new technology with high Power UV LED.
  • The unit has low power consumption with its high-efficiency design batteries can last up to 120,000 RPS.
  • Intelligent built in 3D motion sensor to detect user movment to save power.
  • Can sustain tracer function up to 35 RPS (2100 RPM).
  • High power and High efficiency UV LED.
  • Two side light sources for a brighter output on your tracer BB.
  • Automatic power on/ off (APO)
  • Measures in at 157mmx38mm.
  • Battery level indicator (Green, Orange, Red color)
  • Low power detector: Automatic low power off to protect rechargeable batteries
  • Uses 4x AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Works best with GREEN tracer BBs.

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