Strike (ASG) 552 Sight - Red/Green - Black

by Strike
SKU 17188
  • Based upon the 552 optic from EOTech, with all the same features at a more affordable price. 
  • The two AAA batteries are stored in an easily accessible compartment that is securely lock by a lever, allowing fast and easy change of batteries should it be necessary.
  • The mount base is made from a heavyweight metal, as is the lens hood and throw levers.
  • The sight has an simple screw on locking system that enables you to mount it on any standard picatinny/weaver rails.
  • The scope sports fog proof internal optics and an illuminated reticle as shown in the picture.
  • The centre NV button changes the reticle colour between red and green.
  • This 552 model features two power switches. Press the left button from off to turn the unit on with the automatic brightness mode. Press the right button from off to power on in manual brightness mode. The left and right buttons then feature as up and down brightness settings.
  • Metal protective lens hood is removable with x3 allen screws
  • Easy assembly on your 20mm scope rail.
  • Fits virtually all AEGs with a 20mm rail mount.
  • Both horizontal and vertical adjustments for zeroing the reticle are located on the right side of the unit.
  • Reticle flashes when low on power, and the unit shuts off after 2 hours automatically.
  • Another high quality optic as we have come to expect from Strike.

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