APS Edge ll V2 Gearbox - Rear Wired

by APS
SKU Edge ll
  • New for 2023, this is the very latest version of the Edge gearbox from APS.
  • With built in mosfet for fantastic trigger response, it has held up to harsh testing at APS using an 11.1v (45c Li Po Battery, M140 Spring, High Torque Motor).
  • The trigger switch is fine tunable for the perfect trigger response.
  • For complete durability, the gearbox sports a full metal tooth piston.
  • You also get a super smooth stainless steel cylinder, with the port opening optimized for both bore up / non-bore setups.
  • Aluminium cylinder head with double seal for optimal compression and aluminium air nozzle.
  • Fully compatible with standard V2 parts including gears, pistons, cylinders etc.
  • Quick change spring system ~ Easily change the power for use in different market or for fine tuning up to your legal limit.
  • Attractive white print on a black coated casing.
  • Sports 8mm bearing bushings for high ROF and low friction rotation.
  • Includes a blowback bolt system which can be removed depending on application.
  • Comes wired with quality silver wire and includes both a T-plug (deans) and Tamiya battery connection.
  • All internal parts are compatible with TM Spec ~ Essential for your Airsoft needs
  • Ships with a M120 spring. A 1 Joule spring will be required for use within Ireland. Please see spring here.

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