KRYTAC Piston & Head Assembly

SKU 20857
  • The KRYTAC Piston is one of the work horse components in the gearbox. 
  • The main construction of the piston is polymer. All of the polymer piston teeth are reinforced on both sides and the first 4 teeth made of metal. 
  • The 2nd to last tooth of the piston is absent to ease in the fine tuning of the AEG, for the tech savvy crowd. 
  • The KRTYAC Piston Head is made of polymer and is ported allow the cylinder to quickly refill itself with air in preparation for the next shot. 
  • The polymer construction is ideal to keep the overall weight of the piston low which reduces wear and tear and allows for easy movement. 
  • This is the standard piston assembly on KRYTAC AEGs but can serve as a good replacement, or even upgrade, to other AEG piston assemblies.

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